As a student, I do believe that everything happens for its reasons, look, we students do activity related to school assignments, projects and stuff but the end of the day we learned and earned memories.

It’s somehow irritating and fustrating that we should do this and that, and the deadline is this and more— pressure indeed. Plus, you were surrounded with unfaithful, fake, plastic friends. As time goes by, I realize that even I got tons of friends, few only are true to me. Well, still, I’m thankful that they’ve been part of my life and they taught me more how to be strong and independent person. I love them all anyways, no matter what conflict they inflected to me. And a financial needs of one’s families, I know most of us, students, the main problem is money specially if your parents wage is not enough for you and the rest of your siblings tuition. I know few of them stopped just because of that—sad but true. But remeber, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Money is not a hindrance for you to stop going to school. Do partime jobs, go to the government—for sure they have program like that—, try to apply scholarship, and lastly you should have a perseverance, ‘be motivated even your so down’, and ‘be ‘optimestic all the time’ personality.

But all of this stuffs are all worth it in the end. Just focus, study, keep learning, enjoy and live life. Let your parents be proud of you make them feel that all their sweats, wounds, efforts are precious as gem. Remeber, hard work has its rewards. Keep doing what is right so that in the future, all God’s plan for you happen the way it should be. Stop the negativity, if your sad, look up to the sky and pray. Prayer works. And be thankful, everything happens for its reasons.